The story behind

Dr. Magic is an astrophysicist, who was born in Mongolia and moved with his family to Germany at an infant age. During his research studies he traveled the world, thereby learning new, exciting cultures and cuisines. In Australia, he discovered the locally very popular dish, laksa, for the first time. Laksa is a spicy coconut-curry noodle soup, which originates from Malaysia. Back at home, he found himself unable to find any laksa. Tormented by huge cravings for laksa, he decided to venture on a journey to fill the gap and popularize laksa by starting in Berlin.



We are passionate about delicious food and we believe in sustainable groceries. We want to provide fresh, healthy & tasty food at fair prices, made with love. We want to share a culinary experiences with you and take you to distant places.



Our aim is to introduce and popularize laksa to the dynamic street food scene in Berlin. We use just premium products of highest quality and make fresh home-made noodles.